Video says more than a thousand words
what we do

Today it’s easy to find and understand media intelligence in text. Companies search for local and global articles from newspapers, magazines and websites regarding the topics that are relevant. 

MediaCatch is Scandinavia’s next gen media intelligence and research company. 

Our software helps find video and audio you want to find. 

We cover tv, radio, websites, Youtube + more platforms coming soon.

  • 24 / 7 
  • all genres (not only news)
  • in danish + more languages coming soon

MediaCatch AI software is based on new revolutionary ways of understanding media intelligence gathering. A stepping stone for the next generations of brand perception.

Media monitoring

Be on top of the 24/7 media cycle, so you can react instantly. Get the information within seconds. 

MediaCatch uses AI to monitor all Danish media outlets 24/7. From local radio to 24-hour news channels and webmedia. In all genres. Not only news. 

We deliver information instantly: 

  • Live feed
  • Mobile notifications
  • Daily summary
  • Historic data
  • … and more.

Dive deep into your data with great visualizations.

Based on our AI driven proprietary CatchScore algorithm, we help you surface the most important and relevant Spotlight.

See your development across multiple categories:

  • Over time
  • Platform
  • Channel
  • Share
  • Trends
  • … and more.

Know the true value of your sponsorship and get the most out of it.

Which exposure time do you get? Which logo placements are the best and what exposure do they get in other media covering the team or event you sponsor?

We use our AI technology across multiple media sources.

We deliver:

  • Heatmaps of logo placements on stadiums
  • Timelines of activity
  • In-depth analyses of all other media surrounding the event
  • … and more. 


Video - Facial recognition, logo detection, text detection
Audio - looking for brand name, person name, topic
Text on web as a bonus


Understand the new media market. Get Insights, personal analyses and, data visualization. 

Driven by AI for a media market where influence is increasingly moving towards audio and visual content.

Understand the new mediamarket. Get Insights, personal analyses and data visualization. 

Driven by AI for a media market where influence is increasingly moving towards audio and visual content.



CEO - Lars Damgaard Nielsen

Lars Damgaard Nielsen

CTO - Filip Wallberg

Filip Wallberg

CAIO - Anders Glent Buch

Anders Glent Buch

CDO - Cæcilie Bach Kjærulf

Cæcilie Bach Kjærulf

Joackim Penti 
Head of Sales & Marketing


Henrik Juul
Creative Director / Wibroe, Duckert & Partners


Keld Reinicke
Media advisor / Investor

Jørgen Lindemann
CEO / Investor

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